Visual Identity

Burntlime create stylish, strong and durable outerwear. I was contacted to build their brand ahead of the launch of their new jacket collection.

The aim of the brief was to create a strong brand identity which matched to their mission of creating outerwear that can be the strong and durable while remaining stylish.

The company name is based on the chemical compound Calcium oxide, known as burnt lime. As Burnt lime is the main chemical in all strong compounds the name reflects the rugged nature of their products. It was essential to reflect this into the branding and create an identity which packed a punch.

Services Delivered

– Logo Design

– Advert design

– Texture creation

– Branding

Logo Design

The main aim of the logo was to create a bold icon which would stand out on marketing materials but wouldn’t look out of place on the products themselves. I related the design to the concept behind the name by producing an icon based on the shapes and style of a chemical formula diagram.

The “B” letter is formed from two hexagon shapes which have been modified slightly to create the letter.


Outcomes of the burntlime project.