Craft & Crust
Logo design and branding

Visual Identity

Craft & Crust offer bespoke wood-fired pizzas from their mobile pizza oven. I was contacted by the team to design a new logo design and trailer graphics to help them stand out at festivals and food fairs.

The aim of the brief was to create an identity which matched the handmade nature of their products yet remained professional enough to highlight the high-quality ingredients they use.

Services Delivered

– Logo Design

– Sticker design

– Advert design

– Branding

Logo Design

Wanting to retain maximum focus on the company name, I created a wordmark style logo design which contains a slice of pizza to make it more unique and link back to the product. To tie everything together I edited the outer edges of the letters to provide a less uniform feel to the design.

The result is an easy to read wordmark design which highlights the pizza element and handmade feel.

Outcomes of the Craft & Crust project.