Strategy Activist

Strategy Activist are a business consultancy who work with their clients to improve, evolve and help them stay relevant in today’s changing world.


I was tasked with creating a new brand identity which reflected the companies energetic professionalism. Research into the world of business strategy showed several dull and dated logos and identities. While these reflect the professional nature of the business it was important for me to focus on the “Activist” aspect of the name, as it’s an energy which brings people together to achieve better results. This allowed me some creative freedom which I demonstrated by using the activist style paint marks to create the “A”. To represent the strategy element, I used a very clean cut and classical “s” which cuts through the painted style lettering to reflect the slick business advice Strategy Activist provides.


The two styles mix together perfectly to represent the professional core strategies mixed with the unique and creative techniques Strategy Activist use to future-proof the business they work with.


The final deliverables for this project were: Logo design, Brand colour and font selections, Icon designs and business stationery design.