I craft compelling campaigns and build brands.


I’m Darrell, the owner of Red Peg design. I provide a freelance design service creating identities and building brands. After Graduating with a First Class Degree in Digital Media Production, I foundered Red Peg design. The aim was simply to provide a complete, creative design service without middle-men or confusing processes.  If you want to know more about what I could do for you then please  get in touch.

Logos and Branding

Having a professional and memorable logo is perhaps the most important element of your business branding. A logo will often set the first impression of your business, it’s therefore essential that your logo is not only instantly identifiable but is also conveying the right message to your customers.

Your brand not only identifies who you are it also represents your company’s personality and values. It sets the first impression with customers and is, therefore, your company’s most valuable asset. I will work with you to discover or create your company’s voice and then showcase it to the world through strategic design.

Prices from £250.00
Print and Promotion

Graphic design is a form of communication, not just decoration.  A good piece of design will clearly communicate information to your customers and help your company grow. Clarity is key and considered design can communicate information which words often can’t.

Websites and Digital

Website design and digital marketing have long been an essential part of any company’s promotional strategy. Websites and social media can instantly connect your company to a wider audience than ever before. The ability to connect directly with your customers can not only improve customer service but also help grow your brand significantly through targeted campaigns.

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